LTH100 – LTH110: Epoxy resin for the inclusion of objects of various kinds

LTH100 – LTH110: Epoxy resin for the inclusion of objects of various kinds

As part of the development of special products, the Research & Development laboratory has formulated two epoxy resin-based products suitable for the inclusion of objects related to furniture and furnishing items.

The general use resin LTH100 is suitable for high and low thicknesses and LTH110 for special applications where a superior non-yellowing is required. This product is also suitable for high and low thicknesses.

Preparation of the product for application

The product must be mixed with the catalyst at a weight ratio with respect to part A described in the technical data sheet
It is very important to respect the correct mixing procedure in order to perfectly combine the catalyst into the resin.
For this reason, it is advisable to shake in both directions (from right to left) as well as up and down for at least three minutes.
If the catalyst is not perfectly combined into the resin, sticky sections could occur that would have difficulty drying.

Drying times

The drying time in optimal conditions is about 16/24 hours; being a thermosetting polymer, when the temperature is increased, drying times are reduced.
However, it is advisable not to expose the resin to high temperatures that would lead to cracks, yellowing and retention of air bubbles.
Complete drying in optimal environmental conditions occurs after four days.

Yellowing of the resin?

In general, epoxy resins have a very low degree of yellowing and maintain colour stability and excellent transparency over time.
For this reason, they are suitable for the inclusion of various types of objects as shown in the following images.

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