Working process on P.U. FOAM matt and glossy

Support: P.U. Foam

  • Application of one or two coats of sealer for P.U. foam (requested color):
    • LBP5xx cat. 50% by weight with LCB046, dil. 10-20% con LZD091
      • Between the two coats of sealer can be required to putty and sand any defect coming from the mould.


  • After 3-4 hours, or the day after, sanding:
  • Application of transparent matt PU topcoat:
    • LFA494 cat. 50% with LCB185 dil. 30% LZD091
  • After 3-4- hours, without sanding:
  • Application of patina by spray and remove by steel wool or scotch-brite.
    • LATxxx dil. 10-50% withg water/alcool


  • Application of transparent top coat:
    • LFA49x cat. 50% LCB185 dil. 20-30% with LZD091 – 1 coat


    • LGA209 cat. 100% with LCB070 dil. 10-20% with LZD083 – 1 or 2 coats *


* The application of 2 coats it is always suggested in case of the glossy top-coat in order to assure the cover of colour and hide some possible sanding defects.

The use of alternative, but similar products to the ones mentioned in this working cycle does not jeopardise the final result. The evaluation based on costs, drying time, verticality, etc. can be influenced by different commercial or technical reason.

For the peculiar use of each product follow the data contained in the relevant Technical Data Sheet or ask for further information to the Laboratory.


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