Tranparent PU painting cycle for stairs and parquet

Support: solid woods in different veneers

  • Application of 2 or more coats of PU sealer, spaced out of about 3-4 hours :
  • LBA205 cat. at 100% with LCB205 dil. 20-40% with LZD091
  • It is recommended to dilute the first coat at least at 40-50%


  • About 12 hours later sanding with 280-320 grain paper


–     MATT TOP COAT: application of transparent PU top-coat

  • LFA206 cat. at 100% with LCB205 dil. 30-40% with LZD091, one or two coats


  • SATINED TOP-COAT: Application of transparent PU top-coat:
  • LFA203 or LFA204 cat. 100% with LCB205 dil. 20-30% with LZD091, 1 or 2 coats


For the painted of walkable surface the use of extremely mat or glossy top-coat is not recommended as thus might evidence the signs of fretting.



Working code

WWC 09

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