Matt lacquered open pore PU painting cycle

Support: solid wood or MDF with different sharp pores veneers.

    • Application of PU white sealer: 1 or 2 coats
    •  LBA168 cat. at 50% with LCB185, add 10% of LXT501, dil. 50-60% with LZD091


    • About 3-4 hours later, once having sanded with 280-320 grain abrasive paper
    • Application of a white or coloured PU top-coat:
    • LFP40x (range) cat. at 50% with LCB185 dil. 50% with LZD091, one coat by spray
    • Wherever a particular resistance to yellowing is requested it is suggested the use of the same top-coat with a non-yellowing catalyst LCB195


    After the top coat a different colour patina (range LAS or LAT) can be applied, in order to highlight the pore or to obtain a decapè effect. After drying the patina must be protected by one coat of a transparent PU or acrylic top-coat.


    The use of alternative, but similar products to the ones mentioned in this working cycle does not jeopardise the final result. The evaluation based on costs, drying time, verticality, etc. can be influenced by different commercial or technical reason.


For the peculiar use of each product follow the data contained in the relevant Technical Data Sheet or ask for further information to the Laboratory


Working code

WWC 03

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