Special effects for wood

Special effects for wood

A sample book to get to know them all

Inventing new materials

Paints for obtaining special effects are increasingly in demand and meet a market trend that aims to customize and singularise its wooden product.
We have given new shape to colour and fashioned products designed for the “creation” of unique furniture and home accessories.
Aesthetic, tactile and visual effects able to change the appearance of the objects on which they are applied.

The product range

This consists of fifteen special effects that can be created on MDF and/or wood, of which we present the samples: an elegant sample case with relative descriptive brochure complete with painting cycle, to obtain the best result.
The products are applied by spray and some applied with a spatula to obtain a particular structured effect.


From the “mother of pearl” that takes on the hue of the colour used as an underglaze with “Glitter” effect suitable for the most eye-catching details, or the red iron oxide tones of the corten steel effect exposed to the elements.

To revolutionize the appearance of wood for furniture.

Mother of Pearl

Hammer – Tone

Filamentous – Marble Effect

Sparkling Effect

Ceramic Effect

Reflection Effect

Waterborne Natural Effect

Acrilic Natural Effect

Corten Steel Effect

Cement Effect

Velvet Effect

Positive Effect

Laminate Effect

Natural Effect

Ice Crystal Effect

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