Il Sole 24 Ore publishes Nuova SIVAM in the Companies and Territory column

Il Sole 24 ORE is an Italian economic and financial newspaper based in Milan, the most widespread in its sector and the fifth largest in the country.

Il Sole 24 ORE runs a feature on Nuova SIVAM, listing the company among the businesses located in Lombardy that base their model on experience, modernity and groundbreaking investments.
The quality of our Made in Italy products, the ability to cater for the diverse needs of the different countries and investments to reduce environmental impact are the calling cards that make Nuova Sivam an enterprise in continual expansion beyond the national borders as well.
Delighted with this acknowledgement, all that’s left for us to do is to roll up our sleeves and continue to grow.

“Experience, modernity and groundbreaking investments”

Nuova Sivam, the historic Milan-based company leader in the paints for wood, plastic and glass industry, blows out its seventieth candle and consolidates its presence abroad ending the year with a 70% export share of its total turnover. The business is part of an economic framework which, according to national statistics, shows an Italian trade balance with positive results of 59 billion euros. The need for globalisation for continual growth has been well implemented by Nuova Sivam which, while maintaining a strong sales network throughout the national territory, has ventured beyond the borders and found fertile ground especially in North America (the company has a branch office in Toronto) and in south-east Asia. The success of this expansion can no doubt be attributed to the quality of the Made in Italy product that acts as a guarantee for foreign countries, but also the flexibility of the company, or rather its ability to understand the various needs of each country thereby generating loyalty. Last but not least in importance are the investments that Nuova Sivam makes into environmentally friendly technologies, an extra added value with regard to exports, but not just this: a laboratory for UV paints and a new production department for water-based paints. With these investments Nuova Sivam continues its policy of technological innovation and research into solutions that have minimum impact on the environment, whilst being aware that the best results can only be achieved with precise regulatory compliances that accompany the research itself. But flexibility also means this: being ready to pre-empt the times.