Sivodur – High solid transparent polyurethane primer LBA052.

Sivodur – High solid transparent polyurethane primer LBA052.

Reduce the emissions of organic substances while maintaining a high aesthetic quality in the painting of wooden products.

Solvent-based paints affect the formation of ozone in the soil due to the presence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which with nitrogen oxides and in the presence of sunlight give rise to ozone through photochemical reaction.
Ozone is an irritating gas for the skin and mucous membranes and damages plants.
With a view to improving the environmental impact, it is therefore necessary to find alternatives that reduce or limit the emissions of organic substances into the atmosphere.
On this topic, the research and development laboratories of Nuova Sivam have formulated a new high solid polyurethane product suitable for the base preparation on shaped wooden products.

The product range

Sivodur – High solid transparent polyurethane primer LBA052. The product is catalysed with 50% LCB195 and diluted at 15% with LZD 444.

Main characteristics

The product has a high filling body, excellent transparency and sandability. In application, it guarantees good wettability, enhancing the colour and appearance of the wood.
The high thixotropy also ensures excellent verticality up to a wet film thickness of 350 microns.

Comparisons with competitors

If compared with the typical transparent polyurethane primers, there is an increase of dry residue of about 20%.

Customer profile

Manufacturer of shaped wooden products such as rifle butts, brushes, handles, mortuary coffins or other turned solid wood items.

Reasons for purchase

This product allows to perform painting cycles with fewer steps, reducing painting times while maintaining a high filling body.
It is also possible to reduce the emissions of organic substances in the environment where it is used and in the external environment.

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