Sivaglass – Water-Based Glass Coatings

Sivaglass – Water-Based Glass Coatings

High performance clear and white converters
18 Idrochrom pigments

Specifically formulated for direct application to glass with high adhesion.


When you want to paint glass plates to create colorful furnishing elements, small to large format.

Why to use them?

Sivaglass has been formulated to have excellent chemical and physical properties compatible with glass characteristics and guaranteed adhesion.

Primary use:

Spray and curtain coater applications.

finiture per vetro di grandi dimensioni

The colors formulated with the GXV400 and GVP410 converters guarantee the following characteristics:

Withstand drying temperatures up to 150° C (dry in 15 minutes)

Scratch resistance > 4 N
(equivalent to a pencil hardness of at least 3H)

Resistance to liquids: water (16 h), ethanol (16 h), glass cleaner (16 h), ammonia (16 h), household degreaser (16 h), acetone (10 min)

Excellent adhesion to the substrate even after possible exposure to liquids

High surface tension (> 39 dynes);
this favors the application of adhesives for gluing painted glass and their overprinting

Excellent results in the cross-cut test (cutting the glass does not damage the film)

Hiding power > 99% for both dark (minimum thickness 130 μm) and pastel (minimum thickness 150 μm) colors

vernici acqua per vetro
Features Pigmentabile up to 15% Pigmentabile up to 5%
Hardener GXX003 at 2% GXX003 at 2%
Drying at room temperature (complete dry) 12 – 16 hours 12 – 16 hours
3H 3H