The companies choosing our products include: Capo d’Opera S.r.l.


Capo d’Opera is a leading manufacturer in the interior furnishing sector.

The company name finds its origins in the medieval artisan tradition, where the “Capo d’Opera” (Masterpiece) was the especially well-finished piece of handiwork that qualified the artisan for acceptance into one of the Arts and Crafts Guilds. In short, it was a demonstration that he had acquired a considerable wealth of skills, knowledge and credibility.

The company offers collections of design furniture items which due to their precision and originality can practically be considered artistic. Customisation is also provided for by means of a wide choice of textures, colours and finishes with the rich “Surfaces collection”.

The staff, headed by company founder Silvano Pierdonà and under the artistic direction of Alessio Bassan, is made up of craftsmen in possession of a comprehensive knowledge of materials and the various decorating techniques. Many of the manual working processes, such as those involved in decoration, are the expression of a custom-made ethos of the highest level, with pieces being designed and above all so well-made that many could almost be termed works of art.

Capo d’Opera Srl has chosen Nuova SIVAM products for its collections.

Our products have been chosen by Capo d’Opera S.r.l.

Capo d’Opera Srl

Via Fornaci, 23
Zona Industriale di Lago
31020 – Revine Lago (TV)

Ph.: +39 0438.524179