Environment, safety, quality

“you always need to do more that the legislation requires.”

Water-based paints reduce the use of solvents and drastically lower the emissions of heavy metals into the atmosphere.

The international markets have differing legislation regarding the protection of the environment, and are more or less stringent depending on the geographical area and the national laws.

There is no universal international agreement regarding the environment and the production of paint. Nevertheless, our company policy has always been to obtain the best possible results in terms of the quality and durability of the product, to protect the health of the workers that use it, to have the lowest possible impact on the environment, whilst still keeping our prices competitive.

Investments destined for pro-environment research (as a percentage of total investments)0%
Investments destined for pro-environment plant engineering0%
Reduction by water-based products of solvent release into the environment0%
Percentage growth of water-based products sold from 2012 to today0%

The research begins with the raw materials, the result is with the end product

As far as nuova sivam is concerned, research is the best tool available to face the competition when considering value for money and safety-sustainability issues.

The intention of nuova sivam researchers is to always find the optimal trade-off between maximising performance and minimising the environmental impact of the paints produced.