With Odoardo Reggiani Nuova SIVAM focuses on those who believe in Team strength.

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With Odoardo Reggiani Nuova SIVAM focuses on those who believe in Team strength.
There is an air of renewal in Nuova Sivam, a new central figure, the figure of Sales and Marketing Manager, to support the new sales strategies required by the General Manager Cesare Zocchi. This role will be filled by Odoardo Reggiani, as head of the Italian and foreign market from March this year.
In a chat to get to know him we immediately learned the keywords of what will be his Road Map to reach the objective of making the company-end user dialogue efficient and structured through the present distribution network formed by warehouses and agents.
The keywords of Odoardo Reggiani’s approach are:
● focus on the product and on its positioning on the market
● evolved sales network
● aesthetics of the chemical product
● market segmentation matched to the allocation of SIVAM resources, both in terms of human resources and communication
● development of an effective CRM
● development of the team and of the Team Work
Odoardo Reggiani has an extensive experience in the paint industry: he began his professional career in Industrie Chimiche Rovea Srl, the family company founded in 1947 by his grandfather, where his entrepreneurial approach and all-round view on company processes took shape.
Over the years, Reggiani, developed his experience in multinational companies such as AzkoNobel, IVM Chemicals and Lechler, to arrive with all his skills in Nuova Sivam.
He has very clear ideas regarding future business operations, the first step of which consists in the development of a long-term itinerary.
“The purpose of Nuova SIVAM is to be a leading company in the market of paints for wood at both national and international level, with a qualitatively superior product. Nuova SIVAM has a good and consolidated logistics and commercial infrastructure formed by geographically well distributed warehouses and agencies; my project is based on a business idea of segmenting the requests coming from the Italian and foreign market, of defining the requirements of end users and of the sales network, anticipating the requirement of specific products for every production sector.
In short: TARGETED communication, the right customer in the right place, so as not to disperse energies, to give the best to those who ask for it.”
Communication will be the tool to facilitate the relationship with Italian and foreign distributors: a catalogue, a pricelist and new delivery strategies, up to on-line training sessions which will have as their protagonists the in-house technicians and salespersons of Nuova SIVAM, whose role will be made more dynamic.
“The market segmentation must be matched by a reorganization of the laboratories, differentiated in solvents department, water-based paints department and tintometry department.
To continue and develop the UV project providing more support to it through the assignment of one more technician to same project”

Is there something you like saying that identifies your way of operating?

“I’ve always been a sportsman: I have been the defence captain of a premier league team of American football for 10 years; I’m used to working in a team and to work hard.
American football is not a sport for individualists, but a sport in which, if everyone follows the same pattern, you achieve victory.
This is the philosophy with which I intend to work: a team in which everyone works together on our pattern.
I am glad of the team I have found in Nuova SIVAM: it has experience, it is determined, it has resources. We shall create the pattern to reach our objective based on the persons, enhancing their qualities”.