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Nonostante le qualità protettive delle nostre vernici, abbiamo pensato fosse cosa utile darvi qualche consiglio riguardo a come salvaguardare i vostri mobili, per mantenerli "in forma"! ...

The careful choice of the best dyes for brightness and transparency, the high miscibility with the most common solvent mixtures and with water, the excellent resistance to light and repainting, the opportunity to choose any type of application on any...

Reduce the emissions of organic substances while maintaining a high aesthetic quality in the painting of wooden products. Solvent-based paints affect the formation of ozone in the soil due to the presence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which with nitrogen oxides...

Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era....

One-component water-based paint. The product has been designed to obtain the characteristic “concrete effect”. It can be applied on any surface: wood, metal and plastic...