LWM000 SivaWood Invisible

It is the increase in attention to environmental themes that gives rise to our love for untreated materials, for their aesthetical qualities.
The state of natural wood becomes a matter of TASTE.
One appreciates the irregularity of its grain, the imperfection of its knots and the opacity of its colour: characteristics of uniqueness to be highlighted.
This is the new requirement of the design Made in Italy and abroad: a product that protects, isolates and that is basically invisible.

Nuova SIVAM has developed a new product: LWM000 SivaWood Invisible.

SIVAWOOD Invisible is a coating that is applied on the surface ensuring all the protection functions without altering its appearance.

It is a product that protects the support against UV rays, dirt, wear but at the same time it is a naturalizer.
SivaWood Invisible, depending on the number of coats applied on the surface, changes the raw effect, as the thickness of the product applied changes, leaving the colour unaltered, without darkening the surface.
In the furniture trade, it replaces natural oils, solvent or in any case oily based, with the new water based SivaWood, because these produce a wet effect on the treated surfaces.

  • It is a polyvalent and multifunctional product for interiors
  • it can be used as a single component and two component product depending on the use of the finished product.
  • It is sufficiently protective as a single component
  • Combined with a catalyst it provides an even greater resistance to the surface, particularly recommended therefore for tables and accessories submitted to particular wear.

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