LXC426 – an important innovation in the management of painting cycles

LCX426 is a PU converter suitable for the preparation of pigmented PU matt finishes and represents an important innovation in the management of painting cycles, facilitating production.
Its main feature is that it allows avoiding some normally necessary steps like sanding between the various coats.
In fact, LXC426, despite having rather quick drying times, allows the application of the finish coat up to 48 hours from its application without having to resort to sanding.
The new LXC426 undercoat is applied to the base coat, for which the new odourless Hipofond (PE) or Lakprimer (PU) can be used. Pigmented pastes may be added until the desired colour is achieved. If a matt effect is required, the treatment is completed, while for gloss and lacquered effects, the transparent or pigmented acrylic or PU gloss of the SIVOGLOSS or CHROMOGLOSS series can be over-applied.


Rapid, good vertical application and spreading, hardness and ease of application.