LEGNO 3.0 – LWW500

LEGNO 3.0 – LWW500

LWW500 is a product that protects and improves the aesthetic of a wood substrate


1) Impregnator
2) Basecoat
3) Topcoat

  • Suitable for all types of wood: hardwood, softwood, exotic and treated woods.
  • It can be applied by brush, roller, dipping and also flow coating.
  • It can be applied directly to raw wood in three coats, with an interval of at
    least three hours between one coat and the next.

It is not necessary to sand the wood substrate or sand between coats. It is an extraordinary product for restoring wood damaged by atmospheric agents: in this case, sanding or sandblasting of the substrate would be recommended.
This product is easy to use and the penetrating feature of the formulation will help ensure that the right amount of product is applied onto the substrate.
A maintenance coat should be applied every 6-12 months. It is not necessary to sand the surface, except for areas of evident damage.

LWW500 is a LEGNO 3.0 series water-based product, specially designed for the protection and enhancement of wood components with limited to no dimensional stability, developed as the starting point for an infinite range of colors.


It has excellent wood penetration properties and UV radiation resistance, due to the use of specific resins and special organic additives: “a single product to protect and finish the wood”.

LWW500 achieves the highest UV performance when pigmented. For this reason, it has been developed to be used in combination with the IDROSIV (LXW10x) and IDROCHROM (LXWxxx) series pigments.

Available formulations:

KINGFISHER Color Classic Collection
– 10 colors

KINGFISHER Evolution Collection
– 7 colors

kingfisher color eng