the Universal System of Nuova SIVAM for the production of wood stains


A tool to give your products any color tone.

The careful choice of the best dyes for brightness and transparency, the high miscibility with the most common solvent mixtures and with water, the excellent resistance to light and repainting, the opportunity to choose any type of application on any type of wood, make the new LAM 400 series a tool to give your products any color tone.

120 colors already formulated!


The catalog features 120 colors already formulated with all instructions for preparation, but the combinations are almost endless.


Discover MAKOLOR MIX LAM 400

8 Basic Colors
Color purity

10 Wood Colors
Naturalness of shades

2 White Bases (1 waterbased and 1 solvent based)
Pastel shades

8 Vehicles/Binders (4 Water based – 4 Solvent based)
Custom applications

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