Laccatura Pozzani, handicraft, the art of wood working and decoration

The variety that the Italian handicraft industry offers in terms of solutions, professional competence and knowledge is boundless and rich in surprises.

This is the story of a family, of a passion and of a company specialized in restoration and decoration of wooden furniture and doors and windows.

Laccatura Pozzani was founded about 40 years ago by Arduino Pozzani, and it specialized in the creation of artistic furniture, unique pieces with complex decorations, also using a precious metal leaf, available in numerous varieties.

The competence of the craftsmen of Laccatura Pozzani allows a large variety of restoration and decoration of wood with classical, contemporary, modern paintings and ornate motifs. The ageing effect, much appreciated today, is obtained with specific products and ancient techniques involving the use of waxes and coatings or with more innovative methods: by using products that the coating industry –  Nuova Sivam, makes available to the advantage of the finish resistance.

The Laccatura Pozzani company brings back to life antique furniture, with the assistance of new technologies, with research work on colours and materials. It brings back to a fashionable and modern use the furniture from bygone days, those in which it was unique and inimitable.

Laccatura Pozzani Fratelli
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