Kingfisher Color System

Kingfisher Color System

An endless world of colors is delivered by The Kingfisher Color System

With color, shade, tone depth, opacity, and brilliance that reflects light: The Kingfisher Color System allows for the replication, creation, and definition of a color.

An innovative system from Sivam Coatings that includes pigments, stains, patinas, and tools such as spectrophotometers, software, and tint dispensers.

Tint System

Colour, at its best. Colour is a medium to build, define, enhance, create, and excite. Colour is a characterizing element and Sivam Coatings Systems help designers to enhance their choices with colour systems capable of achieving extraordinary technical performance on any surface, indoor or outdoor, with water and solvent based products.

Pigmented Interior Exterior
SIVACROME PLUS 18 pigments X
IDROCHROME 18 pigments X X
SIVACRYL 18  pigments X
SIVACRYL PLUS 5 pigments X
IDROSIV 3 pigments X


Furniture finishes are born from the idea of enhancing the warmth and depth of wood. They ennoble and pay homage to a material that has supported and embellished the structure and furnishings of every home since ancient times. SIVAM’s stain and patina systems are designed to build off this traditional artform and enhance essential elements to ennoble and embellish the wood.


Stains Bases
MAKOLOR Universal stains 18 base colors
UNICOLOR Solvent based stains 8 base colors
IDROTIN Water based stains 6 base colors


Patinas Bases
SIVOSTIL SB Solvent based patinas 5  base colors
SIVOSTIL WB Water based patinas 5 base colors
SIVOSTIL MT Metallic patinas 4 base colors

Stains & Patinas

Stains & Patinas Bases
SIVAMIX SB Solvent based pastes 5 base colors
SIVAMIX WB Water based pastes 5 base colors

Special Coatings

We do not limit the creativity and unlimited possible combinations that chemistry makes available to our researchers. The union between creative passion and technical experience expands the universe of materials with which our customers can design.

Polyurethane based Mother of Pearl
Polyurethane based Hammer-Tone
Polyurethane based Ceramic
Acrylic based Rust
Acrylic based Velvet
Acrylic based Laminate
Acrylic based Natural
Solvent based Marble
Solvent based Corten Steel
Solvent based Reflection
Solvent based Chromate effect
Water based Cement
Water based Positive
Water based Natural
Water based Ice Crystal
Others Sparkling


Sivam Coatings strongly believes in the service that an advanced colour department can offer to the market.
For this reason our laboratories are in constant contact with the top manufacturers of precision dosing machines, formulation and correction software, optical readers, and spectrophotometers for colour control.

Hardware & Software

Database Sivachrome
Software Sivachrome Lab
Optical Specthophotometers
Hardware Manual dispenser
Hardware Automatic dispenser
Hardware Shakers
Hardware Scales