Jacob Stachurski

The heritage of the Italian Wood Coating culture as a key factor for North America business development

Nuova Sivam adds a key player to their team with the hire of Jakub Stachurski as the North American Sales Director.  Jakub brings a vast array of experience and knowledge in the North American Wood Coatings market. The foundation of his wealth of technical knowledge and passion began over 20 years ago in his family’s Chicago based woodworking shop.  Over the last 2 decades Jakub has acquired an unmatched level of expertise in the European Wood Coatings market; working in application, sales, distribution, marketing, technical support, and product testing with Italian brands.

When an opportunity was presented to work alongside industry visionary Odoardo Reggiani, Nuova SIVAM Commercial Director,  on a fresh presentation to the North American market, Jakub felt it was an opportunity to change the landscape of the Wood Coatings Industry.  Together they plan to create a dynamic team working on a new approach to the coatings business.   They are setting their sights on expansion and innovation while targeting the precise needs of the North American user.  Jakub’s initial focus will be the continued education of distributors and end users in target North American markets on the advantages and technical advancements of European Wood Coatings while refining the Nuova Sivam product offering.

 “Ensuring we have the right product offerings readily available for our customers coupled with technical support and education will elevate Sivam to the forefront of the competitive North American market.” is the mandate from Nuova Sivam CEO Cesare Zocchi.  “Nuova Sivam has been able to absorb and react to raw material shortages faced by the market and anticipates no shortages on the horizon. We are ready to support our Partners for a continuous development”