White odourless HIPOFOND

The commitment towards reducing the impact on the environment that began some time ago continues at Nuova SIVAM.
We are referring to the launch of a new odourless product: LPP902, a white styrene-free polyester basecoat.

The styrene-free range eliminates aromatic solvents and monomers, currently under scrutiny as being hazardous. LPP902 is therefore a white basecoat that makes it easier to use these types of product.

This is the first product to pave the way for a development of the existing range that will soon be integrated with the clear basecoats, finishes etc.

Excellent filling, coverage, flow and vertical stability. Easy to sand and very elastic. Excellent whiteness and adherence between coats.

LPP902 can either be sprayed on manually or used in robotic systems and is odourless.
Its main uses are on panels, cupboard doors, items of furniture and decorative objects.