Falegnami Arredatori: Tailor-made construction

Tailor-made construction is a matter of creativity and precision, these are the conclusions drawn from the account that Andrea Payar makes of the company Falegnami Arredatori that he runs together with brothers Marco and Stefano Fedi. The company combines the skills of Andrea, interior designer with those of Marco and Stefano, highly experienced joiners.

Falegnami Arredatori creates custom furniture, taking care of all production phases.
From the choice of wood and hardware, if not indicated by the customer, to all the individual phases of cutting, painting, assembly and finishing.

Great experience and ability in interpreting the taste of the customer, but also precision in producing on the design of third parties, such as architects or interior designers entrusted by the end customer.
This ranges from classic furniture to the linear sobriety of the modern, from the single shelf to the complete furnishings for shops, premises and commercial businesses in general.
For the accuracy and precision in the construction as well as assembly (a key factor, which is especially perceptible) elegant historic Florentine premises such as Caffè Concerto Paszkowski and Pasticceria Gilli have also become FA customers.
Only FSC-certified material is used in the manufacturing processes, appropriately treated with high-quality and certified paints, Nuova Sivam water-based paints.

Falegnami Arredatori
via Menabuoi, 32
Prato – Italy


Phone: +39 3331213660
Email: falegnamiarredatori@gmail.com