Falegnameria Tufaro: from 3D rendering to customized products

Falegnameria Tufaro: from 3D rendering to customized products

Falegnameria Tufaro: passion for wood for over three generations

Interview with Pietro Tufaro

Tufaro Group joinery has existed for many years, originating from Pietro Tufaro, an expert cabinetmaker in the construction of furniture and French windows. The passion for wood, handed down for generations, has meant that today Falegnameria Tufaro is one of the most qualified companies in the province of Caserta in the design and production of kitchens, furniture, interior doors and external windows and doors.

Tell us a little about your business and your production

“We are mainly specialized in the production of shop furniture but for some time we have tried to diversify by dedicating ourselves to the development of solutions for private customers, following them from the design to the construction of the product”.

Our offer is completed by painting services for third parties.

A combination of tradition and innovation, which stands out for its flexibility and for the continuous research of materials and new techniques that make each creation a unique piece.

“A few years ago we chose to invest in the renewal of our machine fleet: a courageous choice that allowed us an excellent positioning on the market. Today our production plant is in fact equipped with numerical control machines for sizing, edging and routing operations: all high-precision processes which are in any case supervised by an operator”.

In such a large market, what is the choice of paint supplier based on today?

If today the offer of products in terms of the quality/price ratio is more or less the same, it is certainly not the same as far as assistance is concerned: a salesman must not only sell a product, but must also be able to recommend the right one, according to customer needs.

This is why we chose Nuova Sivam, in addition of course to the quality of the paints. The presence of an area distributor then allowed us a considerable reduction in costs, an increase in flexibility and the possibility of requesting the development of particular colours directly from samples supplied by us.

Do you happen to receive requests for the creation of products also from architects and/or designers?

Yes of course, especially since we have focused our work on customization.

The fact that we have a team of technicians specialized in the design of 3D renderings thanks to the use of CAM/CAD software and electronic digital drafting machines certainly makes us the ideal partner for professionals such as architects and designers.