Paints for wood

Solvent and water-based wood paints for fixtures, furniture, frames, various objects, parquet, furnishing components, wooden items in general.
Our wood coatings are mainly divided into exterior paints and varnishes designed for everything inside the buildings.
Included in these two large categories, we find a wide range of specific products depending on their use.
Italy is a leader in the industrial paints sector and the development and research that in Nuova SIVAM has been made not only for wood, have produced such a variety of solutions and technologies that we can not speak of paints in the strict sense but of ‘chemicals’, specifically oriented to satisfy any type of request in the most different applications.
These products have multiple purposes and functions that deeply affect the quality, useful life, aesthetics and functionality of any product where they are applied giving a fundamental added value by transferring innovative technologies.
Even wood products are not exempt from this wide variety of solutions such as water-based paints, insulators, polyurethane products, acrylics, specific for parquet, UV products etc.


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