Care and cleaning guidelines

Care and cleaning guidelines

Sivam polyurethane, acrylic and polyester coatings provide a world class finish. Beautiful finishes with excellent clarity, very good flexibility and with a superior level of durability, resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals.  The finishes require a period of curing of 10 days so the coating film can achieve its full performance properties. The products are formaldehyde free. The products lend to a wide range of end uses including kitchen and bath, millwork and joinery, residential and office furniture, hospitality industry and exterior application.

Removing excess dust or small patches

Use a soft cloth

Removing excess dust or small patches of dirt requires the use of a soft electrostatic cloth, microfiber, or that does not release hair lint. A soft, lint free cloth. Never use abrasive sponges, scouring pads and powder cleaners that could seriously damage the surface of the coated surface.

Please note that the degreasing force of alcohol-based detergents or cleaning with natural products will support a more rapid clean up. Be careful, however, coated surfaces do not like heavy alcohol use.  It is best to dilute the alcohol-based cleaning detergent in warm water, only if you need to clean and refurbish glossy coated surfaces. For opaque coated furniture, however, do not use alcohol-based detergents, as halos will result.


‘Marseille soap’ (Natural vegetable oil, soda, salt and fresh water)

A 100% natural product, and respectful of Nature, Marseille soap is one of the most suitable detergents for cleaning coated furniture. It will be enough to dilute a few flakes in a bowl of warm water and then, after soaking it, pass the cloth on the surfaces to make them shiny again.

Persistent stains: No problem


It may happen that, even after carrying out a first cleaning, stains and dirt have withstood the treatment. This means that the dirt had not been eliminated at all or that the water is very limestone. Checking that the cloth does not contain traces of detergent, in this case better to use another one, review with the detergent on the surface, but without rubbing thinking to solve the situation aggressively.


Don’t rub

Remember that, like the skin, passing even a light cloth on the lacquer requires patience and not rubbing activities: by doing so, you would end up leaving the ‘markings’ or ‘footprints’ of your passage. Always clean gently.

Clean and Dry immediately

For any of the following incidents or of the like:

  • Spillage of wine, beer or alcohol, coffee or tea; beverages
  • Food items, such as meat, vegetables, fruit
  • Splatter of oil, vinegar, dressing

It is recommended to clean away the incident from the surface as quickly as possible.  Allowing the stain to act on the surface even for a few minutes would risk damage to the furniture plane.

After passing the soaked cloth of the most suitable product, proceed with the rinse and drying process quickly, taking care to use a dry cloth and not therefore the same just used. Therefore, avoid air drying, which would only be a way of saving effort.

Shine with natural products

The beauty of seeing coated surfaces shine at the end of cleaning operations has always been a great satisfaction. To give an extra touch of shine, the way forward is to create a compound with natural products. Wet the sponge, clean, in a little oil and then pass the cloth over the entire surface and remove the mixture and its residues with a dry cloth.

Avoid heavy and pointed objects

A final advice and that, apparently, does not concern the cleaning of coated furniture, is to avoid laying on the surfaces hot, heavy objects and sharp lines. This will avoid halos, scratches and any burns on the coated surface.

With the following of the guidelines for cleaning and care, your Sivam finished surfaces will keep their beauty and be protected for years to come.