B&B infissi, a passion for quality

B&B Infissi is located in Venturina Terme in the province of Leghorn – Italy; it is a dynamic and practical company that was able to evolve, from 1995 up to the present day, from being a simple artisan woodworking shop dedicated to the recovery of fixtures to become an important reference point in the design, production and installation of certified fixtures in wood and wood-aluminum for all of Tuscany. In addition to fixtures the company deals with doors, main entrances, shutter systems, sliding doors, greenhouses and customized furnishings.

Alioscia Riva, of Sivam’s wood coating laboratory, expressed the following opinion on the company from Venturina: “B&B focuses on quality, every product is taken care of to the last detail.”

Its website clearly declares: “We personally choose raw materials, because we don’t like unpleasant surprises.”

Raw material plays a crucial role in the success of a product and therefore, in addition to selecting top quality and certified wood, we pay particular attention to the choice of varnishes.

“Spray varnishing or lacquering, transparent or covering, water-based or solvent-based, we have many solutions but only one certainty, the final result will be excellent”.

A varnishing cycle has at least three coats: impregnating, primer, sanding, finishing. Particular attention is paid to varnishing thicknesses. This policy has rewarded the company which increased its business last year by approximately 20%.

From the B&B website the perfect opening words to describe the collaboration established between the wood coating laboratory of Nuova Sivam managed by Gian Piero Ripamonti and the coating workshop of B&B infissi. The collaboration originated from the company’s need to attain shorter drying times for its own products, a fundamental requirement allowing the installation of the door or shutter in a short time as compared to its coating, the last phase of production.

Therefore Sivam’s laboratory research focused on a product with a greater pickup in terms of drying rapidity, with higher performing properties as regards stackability and with a better surfaced reticulation compared to the standard product.

The close collaboration between the two companies has been profitable and has generated two products which have now become an integrating part of the production line of B&B infissi:

LWY813 Transparent – nuanced and LWY681 White, both thixotropic products 30 gloss, which in their turn have given rise to a series of Sivam products with similar characteristics.

The experience is a confirmation of the company policy of Nuova SIVAM, aimed at providing maximum assistance to its customer in satisfying its technical requirements.