70 Years on the Market

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Founded in 1949, Nuova S.I.V.A.M S.p.A. (Smalti Industriali Vernici Affini Milano) has headquarters in its 20.000 m2 Bareggio (Mi) plant. Located close to the region’s capital, it is strategically placed to take advantage of one of the most important markets for industrial paints.

Nuova SIVAM, under the guide of the Zocchi family, has heavily invested in personnel, machinery and equipment, increasing its production capacity by over 30%, which today exceeds 10.000 T.
It is an extremely stable company, with 35% of its revenue originating in Italy and 65% abroad.

Nuova SIVAM is continually expanding both abroad and in Italy, where it is spread out across the entire country: Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany, Marche, Abruzzo, Campania (which covers Southern Italy), Sardinia and Sicily.

The new generation

A management team that, thanks to the recruitment of new managers, combines the enthusiasm of new managers with the experience of seasoned experts.

First class recruitment in the laboratories, in sales and in production: Nuova SIVAM is continually in search of front-line figures with the necessary experience and standing, and at the same time has set up a training programme to develop internal potential.

The experience of the current team combined with these new acquisitions, is paving the way for a future generation of new managers.


NUOVA SIVAM dedicates its most important investments and a large portion of its resources, to research and development.
In the company’s state of the art laboratories, at the forefront of technology and structure, extremely competent technicians are engaged in continual quality improvement, with a constant eye on innovation and safety.


Thanks to a perfect synergy between the companies that make up the group in which Nuova SIVAM is a member, the entire production process is managed internally, from the formulation of the resin right through to the final product.

Careful attention to respecting the environment, to the safety of people, and to the quality of the workplace: These values shared by the management team, place Nuova SIVAM at the very forefront of the chemical industry as far as safeguarding the health of both those who work daily on the components, and the end user, are concerned.

Departments, offices and laboratories are practical, and tailored to the workers’ needs.

Delivery and logistical management

A perfectly organised production cycle, entirely controlled by the company, from the raw materials to the end product.
Practical packaging stations, a warehouse system for stocking products devised with the most rational of designs, a computer-controlled shipping department, all in order to guarantee the speed and efficiency of deliveries.

Environmental ethics

“Economic growth and commercial development must not be at the cost of respecting and safekeeping the environment.”

In recent times, Man’s awareness of the environment has increased, and new laws and protection put into place. The company has concentrated a large proportion of its investments to this end.



The management staff works in synergy with highly qualified workforce towards a common goal: meeting the needs of clients through maximum efficiency and cooperation, in order to find solutions.

The professionalism of our technicians when assisting our clients always ensures the quality of the services provided.


Cesare Zocchi

Managing Director

Odoardo Reggiani

Sales Manager

Fabio Lazzati

Plant Director

Ideal Partner

The style of the end user should be supported by creativity.
Nuova SIVAM develops and supplies the raw materials for the imagination your production requires.

To excel in quality, choose expertise