Acrylic metallic effect system

Acrylic metallic effect system


Ready-to-use metallic pastes
Unlimited range of metallic effects
Reduces processing time

The system developed by Nuova Sivam offers a range of Acrylic Metallic effects. Catering to the high-end furniture and millwork sectors, where high performance and aesthetic value are of the utmost importance. The system is based on using an Acrylic converter base with the addition of the Metallized pastes. Various aesthetics are achieved by using a highly compatible acrylic resin with a range of granulometry. Metallic effects can be adjusted in color by using Acrylic and/or Iron Oxide pigments that are formulated to ensure maximum compatibility and maintain high chemical/physical resistance.

  • The system allows for a wide range of metallic effects.
  • Excellent aesthetic achievable with the correct orientation of the metallic flake.
  • This system is based on metallic flake suspended in Acrylic resin. No use of metallic powder is necessary.
  • High chemical resistance and physical performance.

The SIVACRYL PLUS CONVERTER Acrylic base was developed to enhance the homogeneity and proper distribution of the metallic flake. The final product offers a highly desirable aesthetic, and the correct orientation of the metallic flake within the film.

The SIVACRYL PLUS metallic pastes are ready to mix directly into the converter base and replace the use of metallic powders. This system allows for a streamlined production and mixing of the components, consequently increasing productivity.

This system encompasses the use of the UNIPAST highly transparent iron oxide-based pigments. The non-encapsulating feature of these pigments allows for the modification of the color of the metallic finish without hindering of the overall metallic effect.

The SIVACRYL system, a Tintometric system, consists of 16 pigments used to obtain a wide range of colors and metallic effects that can be combined with 2k Acrylic topcoats.

schema cut per web
SIVACRYL PLUS CONVERTER LXC370 Neutral acrylic converter
base for metallics
SIVACRYL PLUS LXR9XX Metallized pastes
in acrylic resin
UNIPAST LXT20x Transparent iron
oxide pigments
SIVACRYL LXR3xx Acrylic pigments