42 years together with Luisa Vaghi, Sivam purchase Manager

Today we celebrate in SIVAM a person for whom we feel great affection: after 42 years in the company and after having held many roles, the last of which was that of Purchase Manager, Luisa Vaghi has more than deserved our best wishes for a happy retirement.
We would like to celebrate this example of dedication to the company with an article that tells the story of Luisa and, at the same time, of the Company in the last 4 decades. A Company made of stories, of enthusiasm and of professionals who with their daily work give value to a Company made of people.

Well done Luisa and well deserved!

Good morning, Luisa, from where does your adventure in Sivam start?

I started working in SIVAM as a receptionist in ’79, when I was only 19, after having obtained the diploma in business studies and languages.
I worked at the reception a couple of years and then something happened, we started exporting!

The first orders from abroad arrived, mainly from Africa: Nigeria, Tunisia; but also from Malta and, given my knowledge of foreign languages, I was assigned to assist Dr. Claudio Zocchi, in the recently established Export Department.
I enjoyed being part of something new, to be able to use my studies, to go to trade fairs, to speak with customers: the company’s growth proceeded hand in hand with my professional growth.
The Company was growing and so were its requirements. The Sales Department required resources and operativeness and I became part of that group which you better know under the name of Customer Service.

Following the natural company cycles, the person who was in charge at that time of Human Resources was close to retirement and I gladly accepted SIVAM’s proposal to train myself in this segment to be able to expand my responsibilities. It was simple and natural for me to fit into the role of HR manager.

So, you also took care of recruitments?

I collaborated with the owners during many years of personnel selection and I was able to observe and give my contribution to all the company’s changes of personnel and of management.

Speaking of Management, we are now in the third generation of the Zocchi family..

Yes, I can say that I was personally interviewed by Mrs. Piera Sacchini, founder and chairman of the Company at that time.
Mrs. Sacchini, mother of Claudio Zocchi, (grandmother of Cesare, the present General Manager, editor’s note) had the makings of an entrepreneur, in every detail.

I would like to mention that Mrs. Sacchini gave a lot of importance to people: no one was just a number, there was a direct individual relationship between the owners and the employees.
This enhancement of the individual is a characteristic that is shared by all the members of the Zocchi family and has been maintained through to the present; SIVAM’s employees are known personally, and there are moments in which matters are discussed with each one of them whenever necessary.
It is a Company where human relation has remained a core value.

The recurrent expression used when discussing matters with employees is “here we are a big family”.
I would say that with our new motto “We are Sivam” tradition is maintained and relaunched.

What is your present assignment?

Purchase Manager. An assignment for which, in this last year of difficulties in sourcing raw materials, I have had to fight and deploy all my skills of tenacity and diplomacy to ensure the supply of products to our customers. During this period, I have been assisted by valid resources such as the plant manager and the factory manager, to whom I should like to express heartfelt thanks.

What are you going to do now, retiring, you will have more time?

Now, after 42 and a half years of work, it is time to say goodbye and to do something else, to follow new horizons.
I would like to go and live by the sea, and if this would remain just a dream due to family ties, the idea of travelling is certainly something that will keep me occupied.

Best wishes, Luisa, and thank you for your enthusiasm!