Kingfisher Color System


With color, shade, tone depth, opacity, and brilliance that reflects light: The Kingfisher Color System allows for the replication, creation, and definition of a color.
An endless world of colors is delivered by The Kingfisher Color System – An innovative system from Sivam Coatings that includes pigments, stains, patinas, and tools such as spectrophotometers, software, and tint dispensers.

Interior Wood Coatings

wood interior

The high-tech materials available to designers today, have challenged Sivam Coatings to continually evolve and develop new cutting-edge finishing technologies. The finish itself becomes a matter through which to design. Developing wood coatings means working with both designers and finishers to create a product capable of enhancing, illuminating, coloring and reducing the production processes. Sivam Coatings continues to improve the performance standards of our products.

Exterior Wood Coatings


Our mission is to protect wood. Since ancient times, wood has been used for construction and decorative elements, a living material that our ancestors have taught us to value. Outdoor living in modern times, has encouraged us to get back in touch with nature, cultivating a renewed passion for wooden construction, whether it be homes, gardens, or swimming pools. Sivam Coatings Exterior System allows you to enhance the wood substrate used in outdoor projects. It provides the aesthetic while protecting it from atmospheric agents, enhancing the beauty of the wood and increasing longevity.

Industrial Coatings


Sivam’s products are meant to address the aesthetic and protective needs of the woodworking world, but our portfolio expands far beyond wood coatings. Since the origins of Nuova Sivam in 1949, we have succesfully supplied coatings for the glass and metal sectors, technical products, automotive and footwear industries. Sivam Coatings is enhancing the world around us.


Nuova Sivam’s objective is to consolidate our position as one of the leading names in paints for wood and plastic, our core business market sectors.

Organic growth, relying on our consolidated strengths: a superior quality product, continual performance improvement, and uncompromising customer service.

“Working with a client means recognizing their needs, applying our philosophy to their work process, and providing them with a superior quality product, thus allowing them to be a key player in their own business”

The MISSION of Nuova SIVAM is: Quality products for quality clients

Dr. Cesare Zocchi  – Owner

We learn from Nature

We have developed new water based-paints with a low environmental impact for wooden surfaces.

The waterborne (water-dilutable) paints are technologically advanced products, where the solvent component is largely made up of water. For this reason, they are able to considerably reduce the impact related to emission of solvents into the environment, and the toxicity to the end user.
The principle upon which the technology used to produce these paints is based, consists in introducing acrylic, alkyd or polyurethane polymers; compositions which allow solubilisation, or release into water aqueous environments.

Solvent-based paints

Solvent-based paints

Solvent-based paints

The integrity of our solvent-based paints is guaranteed by a series of careful checks during production, and by the use of raw materials selected from the most important producers worldwide.

Water based paints

Water based paints

Water based paints

When painting outdoors, water-based paints allow easier maintenance compared with traditional, solvent-based paints.
Our range embodies a perfect union between protecting the fixtures and providing an impeccable finish.

Refer to the technical charts for the water-based and solvent-based paints for details


The reliability of the products provided by Nuova S.I.V.A.M is guaranteed by a series of careful checks during production, and by the use of raw materials selected from the most important producers worldwide. To safeguard our clients, and to further their business.

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