Nuova SIVAM & Genver

The Indian market for wood paint is mainly divided into two categories: on the one hand high-end products, polyurethanes and water-based paints; on the other nitro-based and acid catalysed entry level products.

The more technological and more expensive high-end products are currently imported, while the local production concentrates on entry level products, which are currently in more demand and are less expensive.

Nuova SIVAM has set itself the goal to penetrate this market by embarking upon a Joint venture with VR Agencies directed by Puneet Goel, which has been working in the industry since 1997 marketing wood paints in North India.

Starting in April 2018 the new company Nuova Sivam & Genver Coatings, set up as a Joint business venture, will commence distribution of Nuova Sivam products in the territory and within two years will be in a position to manufacture locally. When this happens, the entire geographical area will be able to benefit from a high-tech and innovative product with local production costs and which will therefore be highly competitive.

“Just like in Turkey and North America, Nuova Sivam is investing in the Indian market with its direct presence, thereby becoming a local brand with better distribution and being strongly competitive in terms of both price and quality.

The goal of Nuova SIVAM & Genver is to acquire a significant market share over the course of the next five years.”